Saturday, September 5, 2009

Crooked Spire

The Crooked Spire
The crooked spire can be seen for miles, and is without doubt the best known feature of Chesterfield. I love it, absolutely love it. The myth behind why the spire of the church is bent goes back to the devil being badly fitted for a pair of shoes by a blacksmith and lashed out at the church.

Anyone who know's someone from Chesterfield will know that locals don't buy into myth, and the real reason for the leaning spire is down to badly treated timber when it was built.

Saint Mary's and all Saint's Parish Church was built in the 1400's, and the spire actually stood straight for a number of years when the combination of badly treated timber, and equally bad cladding meant it started to twist.

228ft Tall leaning 9ft away from it's centre the 'Crooked Spire' should be as famous as the leaning tower of Pizza, Hopefully this blog will help it on its way.

More soon.

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